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Individual Brokerage Referral.


Individual Brokerage Referral Participation Program
"Exclusively offered...."

Exclusive Offer for agents, brokers, or brokerages within Skyfor’s network of real estate licensees. These are YOUR out-of-service-area buyer or seller prospects that you provide to Skyfor. Upon closing, you receive 50% or 75% back on the referral fee actually received by Skyfor. All referrals under $200,000 are at the 50% level.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and provide top quality buyer or seller referral services to the person you have entrusted to our care! We promise to do our very best to make you and your referral very happy.

Comment from one of Skyor’s brokers, who has entrusted Skyfor with 6 of his out-of-service area leads:

“I know I could do the research myself and get 100% of the referral fee back on my niece’s purchase in San Antonio. But you know the referral business much better than anyone else I know, and I know you can provide her with at least 2 good options and some up-front counseling. She’s expecting a call from you today….”

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